Listed Building, Refurbishment
after...after...after...during refurbishment...

This Grade II listed Georgian building has been lovingly restored by its owner to its former condition.

Extensive reconstruction works took place to ensure the structural fabric of the house was maintained; this included a new roof with substantial replacement of lead, strengthening of the roof structure, the removal of large areas of blown external render and its replacement with the traditional lime hair render, the strengthening of floors throughout the building and structural reconstruction where rotted or damaged areas were found.

The construction of a new detached kitchen between the main house and the temple, again designed in the Georgian style to reflect the character of the adjoining house.

The existing lined lake was cleared out and reprofiled using bungham clay and bentonite cut off trenches to prevent further water leakage. The outlet to the lake was stepped and sealed, to form a watertight spillway feature, again using bentonite. The downstream dam was reinforced and a dished concrete and blockstone spillway formed for flood water.

The surplus water runs down the hillside to an open ditch leading to a bottom holding lake, which forms a habitant creation area and when full will flow into the adjacent river.